Friday, September 23, 2011

When is a 10 game suspension really only 5 games?

Preseason is underway, and already new rule enforcer Brendan Shanahan has already had to dole out some justice. I have to say, much to this blogs disappointment, he has done a fantastic job so far.  This will severely hamper the amount of things for me to rage about if he continues this trend.

Yesterday Shanny suspended the Calgary Flames Leblond  5 games (4 preseason, 1 regular), and Philly's  Shelley 10 games (5 preseason, 5 regular).   He also made good on his promise to be totally transparent on his decision making by releasing these two explanation videos.  Shelley, and Leblond.

While I like these videos and the reasons he gives that went into his final judgement, I have one small gripe.

What is the point of suspending a player for preseason games?  Where is the deterrent factor here?  I mean Would either of these players have played all these games anyway?  I doubt it.  So while the numbers look impressive, 5 and 10 games respectively, in reality it is more like a 1 and 5 game suspension.   Minor issue, but still to me undermines the impact a bit.  Hopefully in the regular season, Shanny continues to be consistent in these matters.


Last night during a shoot out attempt by Flyers forward Wayne Simmonds, a fan threw a banana on the ice as the player attempted his shot.  Who brings fruit to a hockey game?  Anyway, lots of debate as to what should happen to London as a result.  Should they lose their rights to hold exhibition games over the idiocy of one guy?  Not sure I have an answer to this one.  Seems kinda fucked up though either way.


Today, the Toronto Maple Leafs officially unveiled their new (old) 3rd jersey to the public.  It had been leaked a few weeks back when someone in Buffalo spotted one in the arena gift shop, but now it is available for all to see.   The design, which is a replica of the ones worn in 1967, were worn on a panel by former captains Wendel Clark, Darryl Sittler, with current Leafs Colby Armstrong, and Luke Schenn.

I have to say, even looking similar to the current sweaters, with only the logo and stripe pattern different, I like them a lot.  They will be wearing them opening night vs Montreal on Oct 6th, and then 13 more times through out the season.  The dates are below.

  • October 6 vs. Montreal
  • October 29 vs. Pittsburgh
  • November 5 vs. Boston
  • November 12 vs. Ottawa
  • November 19 vs. Washington
  • December 3 at Boston
  • December 5 at New York Rangers
  • December 17 vs. Vancouver
  • January 7 vs. Detroit
  • January 13 at Buffalo
  • February 4 at Ottawa
  • February 29 at Chicago
  • March 24 vs. New York Rangers
  • March 31 vs. Buffalo

Anyway, that is all for now.  I am off to get retarded drunk while trying to avoid contracting any STD's from circus clowns.  I have the next blog already planed... It is PREDICTION TIME!!!!

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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

10 Days Till Training Camp

10 days till teams begin training camp, which means we are getting ever closer to opening night puck drop for the 2011/12 season.  Like many of you, I can  not wait to get this show on the road.  Before then though, there are a few things thoughts I need to share.

First off, I am still hearing a lot of killjoys crusading to eliminate fighting from the game because of the 3 enforcer deaths this summer.  To these people, I say  FUCK YOU!   I will not go into too much of a rant here because I went over my thoughts in my last post, but I will say this again, if these deaths were due to fighting, then why now?  Why don't we have enforcers, both current and retired players killing themselves every year?   Now I am not one who really believes in coincidence, and I will agree that it is a bit odd that all 3 men played the same role, but to me, there is something else to this, some underlying factor that no one has put their fingers on yet.

Some will claim that brain injuries due to fighting causes depression, and ultimately, suicide.  Okay, if that were the case, why are more players that are not fighters killing themselves?   Concussions have been an issue in the NHL for a long time now.   Every year players are missing more and more playing time as a result of these had injuries.  Marc Savard's career is pretty much over.  Talks about Sidney Crosby should retire is another thing mentioned a lot these days.  Others believe he will be ready for opening night, but even so, will ever be any good again?  We have seen players in the past that have returned from concussions and were a mere shell of their former selves on the ice.  There are many other players with the same issue.  I think most teams have at least one player dealing with a serious concussion at the moment.

So how dose the NHL lessen these head injuries?  Simple, and it is so fucking simple that it staggers me that they haven't implemented these ideas already.

First off, it is not getting rid of fighting.  If you are one of the people that say fighting should be taken out, YOU should be the one to hang yourself.  Also it is not taking out hitting, or any other neutering of the game that seems to be a popular rally cry of the squares that want to turn the game into a non contact, play with a Nerf ball, figure skating game.

Here are a few things that can help.   The majority if these hits are from two players going into the boards behind the net.  So to lessen the chance of that play developing, GET RID OF THAT STUPID TRAPEZOID!  Allowing the goalie to come out and play the puck means there is less of a chance two players will crash into the boards behind the net.   On top of that, one of the few things the NHL tried in the R&D camp earlier this summer that made sense was the hybrid icings.  There is one more thing that can help with these type of hits, and that is an idea that Don Cherry talks about all the time, and that is eliminating the lip where the glass meets the boards.  If you were to make the glass and boards flush, players are less likely to catch their heads on the lip on the way down.   These 3 things will greatly reduce head injuries from behind the net plays.

Alright, but what about the open ice head shots you ask?  Again Don Cherry has the answer and that is to get rid of the hard plastic pads the players wear these days.  The modern equipment poses two problems.  One  is the injuries they can cause when a player is hit with these pads, as opposed to the soft foam pads players used back in the day.  Look at the hit Crosby took in that outdoor game.  Had the player been wearing foam pads when he clipped Crosby, I am almost positive there would have been no injury.  He was not hit very hard, well in terms of speed anyway.  There are more hits that show the same thing.  Minor contact that results in serious injury.  

The second problem is players wearing these pads feel invincible, and in turn, take liberties with hits they will make because there is little risk of them hurting themselves.  If they were wearing foam pads, they will think twice before laying a crazy hit because not only do they risk a suspension, but also potentially an injury to themselves.

If these things were implemented, most head injuries would be a thing of the past.

One final thing before I go.  Winnipeg unveiled their sweaters today.   I have to say, I was a little iffy on the logo when it was first shown, but it has since grown on me.  I do like the sweaters though.  They are nice and simple.  And I get the homage to the Royal Canadian Air Force.

I see a lot of people talking shit about them though on a few sites, but I think that is mostly cause people on the internet have a hard time thinking for themselves and simply parrot someone else's opinion that came before theirs.  People wanted the old logo and jersey, and when that was not the case, they were gonna whine and bitch about it no matter what the new logo/sweater was going to be.   I mean come on people, this is not even the same team that left Winnipeg, they didn't even have to call them the Jets.  In fact if the NHL didn't end up buying the Coyotes,  they would not have even gotten the rights to rename the Thrashers the Jets.  So in the end, go shut the fuck up and be happy that you got a team back, even though in reality it is still the same old shitty Atlanta Thrashers.

Well that's all for now...
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Thursday, September 1, 2011

RIP Wade Belak

It has been a pretty fucked up summer with now 3 NHL enforcers passing away.   The latest being fan favorite tough guy Wade Belak.   Reports are conflicting as to the cause of this tragedy.  Some are claiming that he hanged himself, while others are saying there is nothing suspicious about his death.  At this point, suicide seems to be the cause.

One thing that is troubling me is the fact that all three players all fit the same mold as players.   Derek Boogaard, who passed away in May from a accidental over-dose, which was reported to be a suicide initially before being ruled an accident.   Then came the suicide of Rick Rypien  on Aug 15th.  Rypien had long suffered from depression.   Now, a suicide by a guy that on all accounts was a happy-go-lucky type of guy?  It makes no sense.  

Wade had retired in March of this year after a long NHL career.   He was doing some broadcast work, and I am confident he would have excelled in that role.  He was also filming a TV show on the CBC.   It is safe to say that he was keeping busy already in his retirement.  Some players have said that the NHL should have a program to ease retired players into their new, non hockey lifestyle.

The thing though that is odd to me is the people coming out already calling to ban fighting from the game.  They are saying that with the deaths of these three enforcers, it is clear that fighting is the real cause of all of this.   To this I say BULLSHIT!   Why do I say this?  Simple... Why now?  Why this summer?  Fighting has been around forever in this game, and why has this type of thing not happened before?    Back in the day, fights were brutal, equipment was minimal, why has this trend of player deaths not been a common thing for decades?   There has to be some other factor aside from the physical act of fighting that has caused this tragic trend this summer.

The anti fighting people are gonna use this to their advantage, which kinda bothers me.  The right thing to do is to find out the real reasons behind these players deaths.   That though is easier said than done.

Boogaard was a young player with a drug problem. Was the fighting the cause of his addiction?  Possibly, but many athletes get hooked on pain pills, while other do not.  He could have gotten any number of injuries that would have led to being prescribed pain pills.  It then comes down to ones personality if they become addicted or not.  Mix those with booze and accidents can happen.

Rypien had a long and public history with depression.  He had left the game a few times to deal with these demons, but unfortunately, he lost that battle in the end.  Depression is something that can happen to someone no matter what there station or role in life is.  To say his death had anything to do with his role on the ice makes little sense to me.

The circumstances surrounding Belak's death are still too unclear to really say much about it other than no one seen this coming.

In the end though, the common thread here is not the obvious one of them all being NHL tough guys, it is that all three obviously had troubles in their off ice lives.  It is this thread that should be looked at, and not their on ice jobs.   Is the NHL responsible for players off ice lives? Is there anything they can even do to prevent a players personal life from spiraling out of control?   These are the questions that will be discussed for a long time to come.

Well that is all for now...

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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Anger Rising!!!!

Well, hockey season is fast approaching, so it is time to get this blog back up and running.  For the tens of readers who have been wondering where I disappeared  too, well that is a long and fascinating story that you can one day read about in my auto biography that I will someday, maybe consider starting, and never finishing.

Much has happened since my last post.  Boston won the cup, Colin Campbell stepped down from his disciplinarian job.  (Now I will need to generate a hate for Brendan Shanahan when he takes over next season).  The Winnipeg Jets have returned home via the Atlanta Thrashers.   Phoenix is still in trouble, as is the NY Islanders, Blue Jackets,  Panthers, and Nashville.  And Sean Avery is still an asshole.  Also I would like to say FUCK   Gary Bettman I just wanted to get that out there.

So as the time to puck drop in Oct draws near, not only have I returned to share my infinite wisdom with all of you, I have brought a new blogger along for the ride.  Her name is... Well I will let her introduce herself when she debuts her first post in a few days.  She promised me it was gonna be good, and it better be, or I will not be paying her in shoes as she had requested in the contract negotiations.

Well that is all for now. Until next time... Stay Angry!!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Is Garth Snow the biggest dick in Hockey?

What a crazy story this Evgeni Nabokov mess has turned into.  For those of you that have been living under a rock, last Thursdays the Detroit Red Wings signed the net minder to contract to help them out between the pipes for the reminder of the season.   Since Nabokov played for the Russian KHL this season, he had to go on waivers in order to be allowed to play in the NHL.   There are a lot of other kinks to the waiver rules that apply to players that have played in Europe that wish to sign mid season in the NHL, but I will go into those at another time. 

The point is that NY Islander's GM Garth Snow pulled a series of dick moves this week that made no sense to anyone in the hockey world.  Actually not much that happens in Long Island makes much sense in the NHL these days.  

OK, back to dick move #1.   Nabokov's  agent, knowing that every other team had the option of stealing his client off waivers, sent out an email to all the GM's stating that Nabby would not report to any team that was not in serious contention for a playoff spot, and also in need of a legitimate number 1 goaltender.   The Islanders fit neither of these criteria.   Nabokov made it clear when he went to the KHL in the first place that he was getting far along in his career to play for a rebuilding team.  He wants to help a team win a cup, plain and simple.  And That is understandable.

Now Snow knew full well that he was not going to get Nabokov to come play for his pathetic team.  He was told before hand, but seeing his goal-tending situation is an utter failure at the present time, he decided to be a selfish dick and put in a claim anyways.   Being so far down in the standings, even if someone else put in a claim, due to the rules, he would have been awarded Nabby anyways.  (Dick move 1.5)

Once Garth wasted everyone's time, he was left with 2 options:  Put Nabby back on waivers (attempting a trade would result in waivers too)  or 2 was to suspend Nabokov, which means he would neither get paid, or playe anywhere else, or if he really wants to be a dick, and seeing as a dick trend is developing here, he could go the NHL and through some loopholes in the rules, have the NHL declare that Nabokov OWES the Islanders a season and HAS to play for them for a whole season next year.   Man, talk about having someone by the balls!

Well today, according to the Islanders official web site, they have decided to suspend Nabokov (Dick move #2).  Hopefully old Garth takes his head out of his ass long enough to realize that being a dick is taking money out of this man's pocket, out of his children's pockets while we are at it,  ( I know these people are millionaires, but still, the principle applies) and decides not to go and fuck this dude over next year by handcuffing him to his shitty team.   Let the poor bastard earn a living  for a contender.

I mean sure, I know you don't want to pay this guy $500,000 for nothing, but you could have just put him back on waivers and let things pan out.  You were not going to get anything form him in a trade anyway.  You fucked everyone over, including yourself, and the fact that you were warned before you pulled the trigger shows (once again) how intelligently run the Islanders franchise is run.

Or maybe next year Snow and team owner Mr. Wang (his real name, I am not even gonna make a joke here) will offer Nabby a 25 year, $3 billion contract to back up the never hurt, rock solid Rick Dipietro between the pipes.  That actually sounds plausible for this franchise.  Just please don't make it 3 dick moves in this situation.

Sorry, but I couldn't resist this ( I know I said I wouldn't make any Wang jokes, but this makes too much sense)  I guess this is what you  get when cross Islanders GM Mr Snow and team owner Mr Wang....

photo: Pavel Ĺ evela / Wikimedia Commons.

That's all for now.

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Friday, January 21, 2011

Hockey Night in Nazi Germany!

Last night L.A. Kings GM Dean Lombardi made a few angry remarks towards the NHL's senior vice-president of hockey operations Mike Murphy for a call he made on a video review Lombardi did not agree with.  The L.A. GM called into question Murphy's (or Dwight Shrute as I have called him in prior posts) integrity, which I firmly believe that all the assholes in the NHL head office have no integrity what-so-ever.  Below is the comment in question.

"When the guy in Toronto making the decisions on the goals, in Ottawa and the one tonight, wanted the G.M.'s job in L.A. and was not happy about not getting it, you have to assume you are going to get those type of calls," 

"However, we have put ourselves in a position where these calls have a monumental effect on our season, and we're going to have to find a way out of it ourselves."

The Ottawa remark is in regard to a similar called by Murphy against L.A. on Nov 22.   Whether or not his comment are accurate or not means nothing here, they are simply the angry comments of a pissed off passionate individual.  All of us at some point have spouted off about someone when we were frustrated, its only human.  

The thing that kills me about it is that Lombardi called Murphy in the morning to apologize personally, to which Lombardi says Murphy "Graciously accepted".  Sounds like a pretty stand up thing to do right?

Well how gracious was Murphy's acceptance in reality?  Not very!  A few hours after all the public, mutual cock sucking, Lombardi was fined $50,000.  That is fucking insanity.  Lombardi knew the fine was coming, and that in itself is sad and alarming. 

It takes a special kind of asshole, such as...umm, lets say Bettman? Or any of the other twat-sacks that run the NHL head office, to fine someone that much money for venting and saying something negative about an NHL official.  Who do you guys think you are?  Hitler? Pot? Stalin? Ill?  If anyone fails to tow the party line or criticize anything you do, or shed light on some ugly truth its off to the gallows.

So what if Lombardi made a statement that hinted that Murphy may be biased and crooked?  I think the Colin Campbell email scandal that I knew would be down played showed that the NHL office is far from on the level, and don't even get me started on the Phoenix situation and Bettman's obvious personal beef with anyone that actually made sense in buying the team (you know what I am talking about).
So if you are gonna fine everyone that criticizes you, then I have to say that I agree with Lombardi, however I will even take it a step further and say that I think you are all crooked, and I bet you all probably take great joy in kicking puppies!  Go ahead and try to fine me fuck-holes!  I double dog dare ya!

Well that's all for now...

Till next time (which seems pretty random these days)



Thursday, December 16, 2010

Home Away From Home

So far, This west coast road trip the Toronto Maple Leafs are on has been a blast to watch.  Both tonight in Calgary, and on Tuesday in Edmonton have been good examples of how hardcore Leafs Nation are in other cities.

It was really cool to hear simultaneous "Go Leaf Go" chants being battled with "Let's Go Oilers" almost at a 50/50 decibel level. 

Tonight in Calgary is much the same, but with the added ado of Leafs Captain Dion Phaneuf's first game back in Calgary since being traded back in March of last season to Toronto.  As expected, Phaneuf has been booed every time he touches the puck, but then again, Leaf fans boo him at the Air Canada Centre, so there is really not a lot of difference to him.

What really impresses me is the fact that the Leaf fans in these two cities are way louder then the home fans at the ACC any day.  And why is that I wonder?  I think I can answer my own question.  It because guess who goes to these games in other cites?  HOCKEY FANS!! that's who.  What a novel concept eh?  Its not just cold suits (yuppie scum as I like to call them) that fill these arenas, but average Joe's that love the game.  Maybe the fact that tickets in these markets don't cost a same as a mortgage like they do in Toronto helps in allowing real, passionate, fans go to these games.

Another interesting thing on this road trip so far is that the Leafs in both games have been wearing their home sweaters.  Wonder whats up with that.  But to be honest, I like when the away team wears their dark jersey's on the road.  I mean why do you need to wear your colours at home anyway?  The home fans know who you are.  Besides it's boring to see ever visiting team in white.  Its like the home team is playing the same team every night.  I want to see the other team represent their team's colours when they visit.  And for a league looking to expand their reach, why not make it so each team is more distinguishable to the casual fans when they visit?  Oh yeah, I know, the NHL is run by retards.  How did I almost forget that?

On a side note, while watching this game, I was reminded about something that I wonder all the time, and that is... WHO the FUCK keeps letting Bret Lebda on the god damned ice???  This douche fuck is a minus every time he is gets a shift.  I die a little inside every time I see him on the ice.  He is another guy that must have incriminating photos of someone in charge to be allowed to keep getting ice time.

Leaf fans and the ridiculous Toronto media love to persecute some players unfairly, over and over again, yet never seem to address the players that actually deserve the hash talk.  That is something I may never understand about these people.


My schedule is now back to normal, so I should be getting back to more regular rants and other shit I feel like writing in the coming days, weeks, month... you get the idea.

Well that is all for now.

Until next time...
Stay Angry!!

Monday, December 6, 2010

I am still alive

It has been a few weeks since I have posted.  I have been pretty busy lately, you know, saving puppies from drowning in the cold swollen rivers, and rescuing burning babies from towering infernos, the usual super hero shit that I do on a regular basis.  Just haven't had the time to get on here, although I have had a few topics I wanted to cover. They will have to wait till the next time they piss me off.

I am gonna keep this one super short.  I just have one question for all of you.  Have you ever just knew how something was gonna play out in a game?  With no rational explanation? 

That happened to me tonight during the Leafs/Capitals game.  After being down 4-1, I just knew if the got one goal, they would come back.

I texted a friend just as the Leafs scored their second goal to make it 4-2 that that was going to happen. 

Then,  in the last 4 minutes, I texted that same person that they would go to over time.  And 3 minutes later, they had scored 2 goals to tie it up. 

I had this feeling that Grabovski would get the game winner in the shoot out, and fuck me, that's what happened. 

Gotta love random psychic powers eh?  Now if I could just harness that power for picking lotto numbers,  I would be all set.

Anyway, that is all for now, but I will be back to pumping out the anger very soon, as my schedule should be slowing down to normal in the coming days.

Until then..

Stay Angry!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Another hit on Rule #48

The NHL has again showed they have no fucking clue about this new rule they were so horny to install, and how it works.

New York Rangers Defense-man  Marc Staal laid out Calgary Flames centre Matt Stajan coming across the blue line in a  game last night.  You can see the hit here clean hit?? 
Marc Staal was not suspended, nor was a penalty called on the play.

I am not going to debate the legality of the hit, that is not my point here, however, what does bother me is the way this rule is called.  If you have been reading this little blog, you will have seen a few posts about this topic before.

example #1

example #2

In example #1, I showed the hit that resulted in Joe Thornton getting a 2 game suspension for what looked to me like a total accident.   Here is that hit.  "He skated into me"

Then there was the Dan Carcillo hit on the same night, that looked a lot worse, yet received no call, or suspension.  "oops!!"

Now, you can make the argument that in each of these 3 hits, the player getting hit was just as much at fault as the player giving the hit.  And you could also argue that the player giving the hit in each situation could have dialed it back a bit and tried to avoid it.  But at the end of the day, all three looked the same to me, yet only one of these warranted a suspension under rule #48.

Again, here is the rule:  NHL Rule 48 - Illegal Check to the Head
48.1 Illegal Check to the Head – A lateral or blind side hit to an opponent where the head is targeted and/or the principle point of contact is not permitted.

In the Marc Staal hit, Stajan is not looking at Staal who is rushing towards him.   Whether it was Stajan's fault for not looking isn't the issue in my eyes, according to the way the rule was written, it is a blindside hit.  Same with the other two.  They used that argument with Joe Thornton, even though the player hit was not looking where he was going.  In the Carcillo hit, Fedotenko was falling over as he was hit, but you could argue it too was a blindside hit.

All I am trying to say here is that this rule needs to go, or needs a massive overhaul.  Clearly it is not working as intended.  Also with the mess Colin Campbell has himself in these days regarding email released last week in the wrongful dismissal case brought against the NHL by a former Ref, which despite Campbell's plea's of innocence, look like some players get away with things that others don't.

Me personally, I love seeing these big hits in a game, and I don't think most of them warrant any action by the NHL, however, if a rule is in place, it should be enforced the way it is written, or change the way it is written.  I also believe that if the NHL really wanted to eliminate these head shots and concussions, then they would go back to the old days before the enforcer rule.  Back then, a player knew going into a game that if they fucked around, someone was going to make them pay for it.  Now, a player has no fear of retaliation for anything they do on the ice.  And that is why we see the 'lack of respect' type plays that often result in injuries.

Hopefully one day, people with brains will take over and make things right again, but until that time, we will have this debate every few days over a hit that no one seems to know if it violates rule #48 or not.

Well that it all for now.

Until next time...
Stay Angry!! 

Saturday, November 20, 2010

RIP Pat Burns

I was only around 11, or 12 when Pat Burns took over as head coach for the Toronto Maple Leafs so I don't remember a lot of his time with us. Back then I was more into playing road hockey and collecting hockey cards then I was actually watching the game on TV. 

I do however remember the wild playoff run Burns led us on in '93.  The city, which I had just moved from, was still buzzing from the Toronto Blue Jay's second World Series victory in 2 years.  The Toronto Argonauts took the Grey Cup, and Leafs were poised to make the city a winner for a third time that year.  Alas, it was not to be, but still, it was a wonderful year for Toronto Sports fans.

In the years following, I was able to get a lot more familiar with Pat Burns as a coach, and as a personality in the NHL community, and I always got a kick out of his sound bites.  There are not a lot of coaches like that left these days.  He was old-school.  He took shit from no one, and when he was upset about something, he let everyone know about it.  He exuded passion for the sport.  He was also a warrior, surviving cancer on two separate occasions before finally succumbing to his 3rd bout with the disease at the age of 58.

The biggest shame in this story though, was one that has been around for a few months now, and that involves the Hockey hall of Fame choosing not to induct him this year.   Many people were upset with this outcome, and with good reason.

This man won 3, count them 3 Jack Adams awards (Coach of the year) with 3 different teams.  And not only 3 teams, but 3 Original Six teams: Montreal, Toronto, and Boston.  Not to mention winning a Stanley Cup with the Devils.  I would say that deserves a first ballot entry to the HoF, wouldn't you?

Even if there was a legit reason to over look him, wouldn't you figure, given his health situation, the people that decide who goes in the HoF would have voted him in so he could at least enjoy the fact he was a Hall of Famer for the short time he had left?

I am almost positive that he will be put in the HoF this year, but it seems like a real dick move on the part of the HoF committee.  They will induct him now, not because it is the right thing to do, but more to make themselves look less dick-ish than they really are.  We see this a lot in Pro Sports, where ego and public perception dictates what decisions are made.  And I for one find that sad.  Fucking scumbags.

One thing I did notice was the lack of reporting on the matter from Toronto Star writer, and I use that term lightly, as he is one of the worst, most negative, hack writers on the Leafs beat, Damian Cox. 

Remember it was this Cock (this is a more appropriate spelling) that had to break the news on twitter 2 months ago that Burns was dead, even when the man was still alive and well.  Cock then tried to defend his lazy journalism by saying he got the info from a public figure, and therefore did not need to check the facts.  The Star article was handled by another writer, Rosie DiManno.  Normally I would add a link to the story I have just mentioned, but I hate the Star, actually I don't care for any of the big papers anymore, so fuck em.  No link for them!!

My condolences to the Burns family, as well as all his friends both in and outside of the hockey world.

That is all for now
Until next time...

Stay Angry!!